Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?
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Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?
The Right Attorney Is Here

We match you with the right car accident attorney for your case.

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Robert Shapiro

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Searching for the right car accident attorney
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Awesome people to work with. They make sure you are getting the service and attention you deserve. If you need an attorney, they will get you nothing less than the best!
Karen U.

Personal Injury Cases Require Special Attention

While many attorneys claim that they can handle personal injury cases, the truth is that these types of cases require specialized skill and expertise. You need a team of attorneys, experts, and consultants who are experienced in handling these types of cases. Our attorneys can even refer you to the best hospitals to provide you with cutting edge treatment options. That's what you'll get with our team.

What Others Are Saying

Top notch at every level.
Your service is top notch at every level. I literally mean every level, everyone we spoke to was eager to help and took pride in their work.
Evan S.
Exactly what you would expect.
The service is exactly what you would expect from Robert Shapiro's firm. From my first call, his team was exceptional & truly polished.
Eugene K.
So impressed!
I was so impressed with how your staff handled this scary experience for both my husband and me.
Sulynn C.
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Our Attorney Selection Committee

All of the attorneys invited to join our network are hand-selected and vetted by our Selection Committee

Hon. Peter Polos
Hon. Peter Polos
Retired Superior Court Judge
Brian Liu
Brian Liu
Co-Founder, LegalZoom
Robert Shapiro
Robert Shapiro
OJ Simpson Attorney
Co-Founder, RightCounsel
Tom Girardi
Tom Girardi
Erin Brokovich Attorney
Eddie Hartman
Eddie Hartman
Professor, Stanford Law School

How It Works

How It Works

  • Tell Us Your Story

    Tell Us What Happened

    We want to hear all the details of your situation.

  • We Find A Top-Notch Lawyer

    We Find A Top-Notch Lawyer

    We combine our 35 years of experience with modern technology to match you with the right attorney, based on the specifics of your case.

  • When You Win, We Win

    When You Win, We Win

    We only earn our fees when your case is successfully resolved - so you know we'll be with you every step of the way.

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