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Is using RightCounsel really free?

Yes. It costs you nothing to find the perfect attorney for your specific situation.

How is that possible?

Our partner firms pursue cases on what’s called a contingency fee. This means that the attorney would obtain a percentage of the total recovery only if your case is successfully resolved. This allows you to pursue your case with no upfront costs or fees.

How does RightCounsel make any money?

If your case is resolved in your favor, RightCounsel obtains its fee as a portion of the attorney’s recovery. Rest assured, in no situation would you pay more in attorney’s fees for using RightCounsel.

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“Very easy to use. They found me a great attorney.”
- Evan S., Los Angeles, CA
4.9/5 star
4.9 / 5
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Better attorney matches, made easy

  •    32 Right Attorney Factorssm - Our 32 factor approach ensures that you get the right attorney, every time.
  •    Quick Response - Based on your case facts and preferences, you'll have our recommendation in minutes
  •    The Right Fit - Your attorney has to be a good match for your personality
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Tailored Results

From analyzing 32 factors, we’ll find an attorney that fits you.

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Five minutes is all it takes to find the lawyer right for you

Attorneys you can trust

  •    Pre-Approved - Every attorney has been vetted by Robert Shapiro and our Attorney Selection Committee.
  •    Experience - Our network attorneys average 10 years of experience in their particular field of law.
  •    Customer Focused - The law firms we work with obsess over customer service, so you'll have a fantastic experience, every time. Our firms obsess over service, so you’ll have a fantastic experience.

Respected Lawyers

Our lawyers are approved by judges, academics, and peers.

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We’ll understand your individual needs, since every case is different.
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We make sure you’re in good hands

I founded RightCounsel to make it easy to find a great attorney when you need help the most. And we’ll be with you until your case is resolved. That’s our promise to you.

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