Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I have a case?

    If you've been seriously hurt or your insurance company is not paying out on your claim, you should talk to us immediately. You should not be shy about talking to an attorney to protect your legal rights.

  • How much will this cost?

    RightCounsel and its partner firms typically take cases on a contingency basis. This means that you don't pay unless we get a settlement or verdict on your behalf. You can also rest assured that you will not be charged any fees to have RightCounsel evaluate your case.

  • How do I know you're teaming me with the right attorney?

    Being the right lawyer means much more than being good attorney. It means providing personal care and attention to each client and case. Our commitment to you is to pair you with an attorney experienced in handling your specific type of case that will be responsive to all of your questions and concerns. At the end of the day, you'll know when you're working with the right person for your case.

  • How do I contact RightCounsel?

    You can contact us 24/7 through our site or 800-206-8800.

  • What happens after I contact RightCounsel?

    One our friendly case managers will be in touch with you to discuss your matter. After a brief conversation we will take it from there and connect you with the right attorney for your case. It's really that easy.

  • How is Robert Shapiro involved?

    Robert Shapiro founded RightCounsel to team you with the right attorney when you've been seriously harmed. Although Mr. Shapiro will not handle your case directly, your lawyer will put your interests first, and he or she will have the requisite experience to get you results.

  • What information will you need from me?

    To get started, we just need your name and phone number. We'll then get in touch with you to learn more about the issues you're having and discuss how we can help.

  • How long will this take?

    Each case is unique, so it is difficult to give you a specific timeframe for when you can expect your case to be resolved. But regardless of the circumstances, we promise to provide you with great service along the way, no matter how long or short it takes to handle your case.

  • Do I need to give you my phone number?

    We give each case the individualized care and attention it deserves. To that end, we use your phone number to get to know you and understand the full extent of the problems you're facing.