Designed to Find Attorneys That Complement You

We want you to find an attorney you can really count on. That’s why we analyze 32 unique Right Attorney FactorsSM to connect people with attorneys that they can trust.

We’ll analyze the details of your specific case

Case Characteristics

From getting the basics of your situation, to understanding the severity and complexity of the legal issues at play, we’ll analyze the details of your specific case to find you the right attorney.
We take into account your needs to find an attorney.

Personal Preferences

We want you to be comfortable with your attorney, so we take into account your location, technical ability, and linguistic needs to find an attorney that you’ll work well with.
We’ll match you with a lawyer that has the characteristics you look for.

Attorney Compatibility

Whether you prefer a more aggressive attorney, or an attorney that provides a little more care and compassion, we’ll match you with a lawyer that has the characteristics you look for in an attorney.
"RightCounsel makes it easy to find a great lawyer you can count on. That’s our promise to you."
Robert Shapiro, Co-founder
RightCounsel and LegalZoom
Brian Liu, Co-founder
RightCounsel and LegalZoom

Merging the best of people and technology

Robert Shapiro and Brian Liu
Co-founders, RightCounsel and Legal Zoom
Combining Robert Shapiro’s 40 years of experience putting together world-class legal teams, with Brian Liu’s 18 years of experience co-founding LegalZoom, RightCounsel developed its unique 32 factor system to match you with an attorney you can count on.

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