1. Incomplete Information

If your claim did not include the information necessary for the insurance company to make a claims decision, this mistake could be a reason for why your insurance claim was denied. Many times, an insurance company will reach out to you to ask for additional information as needed following the initial submission of your claim. However, if for some reason the insurance company is unable to contact you or otherwise is unable to acquire the necessary information, your claim may be denied as a result. In the case of a denial, check your submitted documentation to see if there was anything missing from the information you previously provided.

2. Inaccurate Information

Mistakes happen, whether by yourself or the insurance company. If your claim was denied because of an inadvertent error, contact your insurance company and provide the correct information. By doing so, your insurance company should reevaluate its claim decision in light of the corrected information.

3. You Filed Your Claim Too Late

Your policy may have a specific time frame for which you must file a claim. If you missed this deadline, this may be cause for your claim being denied. If your claim was denied for this reason, review your denial letter and the terms of your policy to see if in fact you filed your claim outside of this window.

4. Your Claim Isn’t Actually Covered Under Your Policy

The reason why your insurance claim was denied may be because your claim wasn’t covered by the terms of your policy. When this happens, first review your denial letter to see if the denial was caused by an inadvertent error in the facts you provided. If not, it’s important to speak to an insurance attorney to discuss your options and challenge your insurance claim denial.

If your insurance claim was denied for any reason, speak to one of our claim advisors at ClaimCounsel to see if we can help get the benefits you were promised.

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