Life insurance policies provide financial security for beneficiaries when a loved one dies, known as a death benefit. In the event that your life insurance claim is denied, here are six steps to increase the chances of successfully appealing a denied life insurance claim.

1) Determine why your claim was denied.

You should receive a denial letter from your insurance company that clearly and explicitly states why your death benefit was denied. However, you should also contact your insurance company to clarify the reasons for their denial and request a copy of your policy to review.

2) Understand the appeals process.

When you call your insurance company, also ask how and when to submit your appeal. Every insurance company has its own appeals process and you want to be sure to submit your appeal within their required timeframe.

3) Collect evidence and build your case.

After you understand why your claim was denied, you need to collect documentation that will support your appeal. Evidence can include documents such as death records, autopsy reports, insurance payment receipts, etc. Be sure to be as detailed and thorough as possible.

4) Contact a lawyer.

The laws that govern insurance policies are incredibly vast and complex. Your lawyer should be able to help you navigate these laws, communicate with the insurance company on your behalf, and provide guidance for the best legal and/or administrative route for successfully appealing your denied claim. Your lawyer will also help ensure that you have the necessary evidence to build your case.

5) Submit your appeal.

File a formal claim dispute with your insurance company that includes all of the evidence and documentation you need to support your case. You may do this yourself or your lawyer may do this on your behalf.

6) Follow up.

Once your appeal has been submitted, you should regularly follow up with your insurance company to ensure they received the necessary documentation and are moving forward in the appeals process. You can also request a status report on your appeal, which is especially important as you near the deadline for appealing a denied life insurance claim.

If your life insurance claim has been denied, speak to an experienced claim advisor at ClaimCounsel who can help get the benefits you were promised.

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