You have every right to dispute the denial of coverage if your property insurance claim was denied. Whether you merely need to provide additional documentation or take more serious legal actions, follow these steps to build a strong case for appealing your denied claim.


1) Know what’s covered under your policy.

Sometimes denied coverage can result from a misunderstanding on the part of your insurance company. If you know your rights under your property insurance policy, you can bring any discrepancies to your insurance adjuster’s attention to appeal the denied coverage.

2) Understand why your claim was denied.

You should receive a formal, written letter from your insurance company that states the exact reason your property insurance claim was denied. Don’t be afraid to contact your insurance company if you don’t understand why your claim was denied or if the reasons they provide are unclear or ambiguous.


3) Take pictures and extensively document your loss.

Sometimes a claim may be denied due to insufficient evidence of your loss. Take pictures of the damages from multiple angles and describe the time, date, and circumstances surrounding the damage in a written document. Keep handy any documentation that can help you prove the extent of your loss if your insurance company disputes the loss.

4) Request an independent appraisal.

If you disagree with your insurance company’s assessment of your property’s value and extent of its damages, request an independent appraisal to get a second opinion. Most policies have a specific provision that allows you to request an independent appraisal.

5) Show that you are a responsible homeowner.

Many property insurance claims are denied because the damages are due to the homeowner’s negligence. In order to appeal your denied claim, you need to have sufficient evidence that you have done everything within your ability to prevent damages to your property. This can include records that show your property was up to code and even receipts for purchasing fire alarms and/or security systems.


6) File an appeal.

You can file an appeal directly with your insurance company and ask them to review your claim again. Be sure to do so within the appeals timeline and include a written explanation all of the evidence and documentation you have gathered to support your claim.

7) File a complaint.

If appealing to your insurance company isn’t successful, you can also file a complaint with your state’s insurance board which will investigate your denied claim.

8) Contact an attorney.

If your property insurance claim was denied unfairly, an attorney can help determine you options for legal recourse and can represent you in further efforts to fight your denied claim.

If your property insurance claim has been denied, contact ClaimCounsel to see if we can help get the benefits you were promised.

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