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We’ll find the right business insurance attorney with the right expertise for you and your needs.
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“Very easy to use. They found me a great attorney.”
- Evan S., Los Angeles, CA
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The Right Attorney For You, Using People & Technology

  •    Proven Matching Algorithm - Our algorithm analyzes your specific situation to find highly qualified business insurance attorneys just for you.
  •    1-on-1 Consultations - Our team then matches you with a business insurance attorney that’s right for you and your case.
  •    Genuine Accountability - Our work doesn’t end there. We’ll be there to oversee your case until its resolved.
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Personalized Results

Our algorithm helps you find the right attorney for you.

Just 10 Minutes

Find the right attorney for your case using our efficient and effective process.
Bryan Fears
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Not Just Insurance Attorneys, Masters of Their Craft

  •    Experts In Their Field - Our network of business insurance attorneys have seen it all before.
  •    Track Record of Winning - The business insurance attorneys we work with have won against almost all carriers.
  •    Highly Qualified - Each attorney that joins our network is approved by our independent Attorney Selection Committee.

Respected Attorneys

Our attorneys are approved by judges, academics, and peers.

You’re An Individual

Our network of attorneys respects you, you needs, and your case as much as you do.
Robert Shapiro

We make sure you’re in good hands

I founded RightCounsel to make it easy to find a great attorney when you need help the most. And we’ll be with you until your case is resolved. That’s our promise to you.

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Find the right business insurance attorney for you.
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