Defective Products

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Why do some products we use every day fail, or even seriously injure us? We all understand that mistakes happen, but when innocent people are hurt, someone needs to be accountable. It takes a sophisticated team of attorneys to advocate for the injured and to fight against the financial muscle of the big corporate manufacturers.


Bair Hugger

Surgical warming blankets, such as Bair Hugger, work like a forced–air heater, pushing warm air through a hose into a blanket covering a patient during surgery. While Bair Huggers release warm air over a patient’s body during an operation, they also have the potential to promote the increased likelihood of dangerous infections.



Essure, a medical device designed to prevent pregnancy, has been linked to numerous side effects, including conditions as serious as miscarriages. The Essure coils have forced women to undergo hysterectomy and hospitalization due to the damage caused by these devices.


IVC Filter

An IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) Filter is a device which is used to filter blood clots and prevent them from reaching a patient’s lungs. Unfortunately, these devices have been found to migrate, leading to a range of side effects, including vein and organ perforation and bleeding.


Defective Hip Implants

Several hip implant manufacturers have been found liable for producing products that lead to decreased mobility, severe pain, and in some cases, metal poisoning. The failure of these devices have forced many to undergo revision surgery to correct the issue.


Transvaginal Mesh

Many women suffer extreme pain when the transvaginal mesh implants they received begin to erode through to other organs. These implants require revision surgery, and many times lead to incontinence.

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