With contracts and agreements, having everything “in writing” is usually the best policy. In the world of insurance, this suggestion is considered “The Golden Rule”. Any information involving your insurance claim should be submitted in writing, because insurance companies analyze your claim only by what is presented in the file. If it’s not submitted in writing, its likely not in your file.

Avoid Telephone Calls

When you provide information to your insurance company over the phone, you are relying on the insurance agent to keep an accurate record of the facts that you presented. Many times, insurance agents don’t put your discussions into your insurance file, or at best, include a brief summary, making it impossible for you to prove what information you actually provided. It’s important to communicate with the insurance company in writing, either through emails or letters, to ensure that there is a paper trail supporting your recitation of the facts.

If you speak to your insurance company over the phone, write down the date, time, person you spoke to, and what was discussed. If any requests were made or important developments discussed, ask that the agent send the information in writing.

Make Copies

When you submit your claim to your insurance company, keep a copy of every document that you send. If the insurance company later questions whether you provided the document, you can prove that you previously provided the information. If a document you provided is later lost, keeping a copy an extra copy of the document in your personal file may save you the hassle of trying to track down the source of an original.

Request Any Updates In Writing

Many times, an insurance company will provide claim updates over the phone without following up in writing. Especially if your claim was denied, make sure the insurance company provides a written explanation of its decision. Most times, insurance companies will provide you with a written letter explaining why and how it came its decision to deny the claim. This denial letter is extremely important for you and your attorney to better understand how to challenge your insurance claim denial.

If your insurance claim was denied for any reason, speak to one of our claim advisors at ClaimCounsel to see if we can help get the benefits you were promised.

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